Version 9.0

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New Features in Version 9.0

Advanced Autoentry

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With Version 9.0 you can now all but eliminate your data entry using our new Advanced AutoEntry module. The new auto entry system utilizes an advanced parsing engine that can extract over 40 fields of information from resumes. In addition to pulling out all of the candidate’s contact information the parser can extract professional experience, job titles, education and skills. Using your datacode thesaurus, you can even have the parser code your records, all with a single-click. The new AutoEntry supports all popular resume formats including Word, PDF, RTF, WordPerfect, HTML, and XML.

  • Over 50 fields supported including Address, Multiple Phone Number Fields, Email Addresses, Employment History, Job Titles, Education and Degrees, and Datacodes.
  • Single-click record creation. Select the resume, click parse and a full record is created in seconds.
  • Automatically attaches the original resume and an HR-XML based resume to the record.
  • Clipboard based parsing. If you see a resume online, copy it to the clipboard and run the parser to have it create a record for you.
  • Support for multiple document formats including Word and PDF. Conversion to TXT format is NOT required.
  • Duplicate record checking. The parsing engine can search your database for possible duplicates and automatically discard these records for you. Alternatively, you can have the system notify you that a possible duplicate exists, you can choose at this point to discard or create the record.
  • Batch Mode support for processing up to 5000 resumes at a time.
  • Web-service based resume parsing. The parsing engine is maintained by Micro J and updated regularly to support new document formats and improve parsing accuracy.
  • Full support for HR-XML. Over 20 sections of the resume as defined by HR-XML 2.1 schemas are supported. 

Outlook Snap - Export to Outlook

With Version 9, Outlook Snap is included in all installations. Using Snap you can transfer your PcHunter and Tempus contacts directly into Outlook with the click of a button. Once the contact is transferred and the Outlook contact is created you can synchronize changes in Outlook using the list manager in PcHunter and Tempus. (Currently this sync is one-way. Changes made in Outlook cannot be transferred back into PcHunter and Tempus).

  • One-Click “Export to Outlook” access from any people record
  • Create and update your MS Outlook Contact from your Micro J list manager window
  • Maintain a list of contacts to keep updated in Outlook
  • Over 25 PcHunter and Tempus Fields can be transferred to Outlook
  • Once in Outlook you can sync this information with a wide variety of PDAs that support Outlook

Security Enhancements

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Over 10 new security options have been added to version 9. The new security options can be assigned on a per user basis or globally and allow you to lock down your database like never before.

  • Completely revamped security window
  • Over 10 new security rights that can be assigned globally or on a per user basis
  • New user list allowing you to see at a glance all of the user accounts in your database
  • New password reset button

Search Enhancements

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With version 9.0 you can now filter your searches by the date the record was last modified. Previously you could only limit the search by the date the record was entered. In addition, a new Advanced Search window has been added allowing you to build matrix based searches on any field in the system. The advanced search window supports all fields in the People, Company and Job Order windows and allows you to search if the field equals, does not equal, contains, does not contain or begins with your search criteria. As searches are added to the window the number of results is shown in real time and can be added to a search list with the click of a button.

  • New Date Modified Search Option
  • Matrix Based Searching
  • New search options: “equals”, “does not equal”, “contains”, “does not contain” and “begins with”

User Defined Fields

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Tired of making do with the standard fields in the database? Version 9 now includes support for an unlimited number of User Defined Fields. Create as many new fields as you need for Company, People and Job Orders. The fields are defined in the Administration window and once set up are available for all users to populate or view by clicking the new “User Defined Fields” button.

  • Unlimited number of user defined fields
  • Create fields for People, Job Orders and Companies

Current Resume Flag

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Users are now storing a wide variety of documents as attachments to records in their database from applications, to references, to contracts. With Version 9 you can now specify one of the documents as being the “Current Resume” for the applicant. No more guess work! The current resume can even be viewed directly from a search list by clicking the new “View Resume” button.

  • Current Resume flag in the attached document window
  • One-click resume access from the search list window


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