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New Features and Enhancements by Version

Below are all the new features and enhancements list by the version they were introduced. Use the shortcut menu below to jump to the version you are interested in.

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Version 7.0

Version 7 included the following new features and enhancements:

  • Compatibility with Windows XP Products
  • ODBC Access: Industry standard Open Database Access enables Micro J users to integrate PcHunter and Tempus Fugit data with their website, favorite Job Boards, or corporate intranet.
  • New Report Module: MJ-Reports is the new, fully integrated reporting module compiles customizable reports directly from PcHunter and Tempus Fugit. With the new reporting module you can edit the built in reports or create your own with Crystal Reports. Customers can download and use prepared report templates from MppOnline.
  • DocSearch Second Edition: A Completely Revamped Resume Management & Search module. DocSearch hits its second generation adding a fully revamped UI and support for centralized administration of document indexes.
  • List Manager: Enables you to store, manage and quickly access and display your most important interactive lists.
  • Enhanced E-Mail Including support for attachments to a mass email
  • First Name Look-up
  • Improved Navigation: From the Desk on down, beautifully updated graphic user interface.

Version 7.1

Version 7.1 was available via download only.

  • Maintenance Release
  • Compatibility with flash upgrade and other program refinement etc.

Version 7.5

Version 7 included the following new features and enhancements:

  • Email Enhancements: Rapid navigation to compose messages and now link your sent email activity with up to four other database records in v7.5.
  • MJ Reports: Take Mj Reports into other useful applications, send, save, and publish your reports.
  • Visual Calendar: For efficient date selection when scheduling activity and reminder items.
  • Help Center: Brand new user help menus and topics with step-by-step how-to's, links to relative information, and comprehensive visual cues in a friendly tutorial context.
  • Company Merge Wizard: A popularly requested feature this easy wizard screen combines two different company records, you specify where the related dated is placed, and file previous job orders as you wish. This is a secure administrator privilege.
  • Change Datafile: For multiple datafile users. Easy one click to find and open datafiles. Title bar tells you what file you are working in.
  • Online Mapping and Directions: Map hyperlink for all address fields offer single click mapping to display a contact's locale.
  • MppOnline Connection: Automatic login to Micro J's support site when you click through the white board in the PcHunter front office or where you see the MppOnline logo in the program. Fast hassle free access to downloads, white papers, and the KnowledgeBase for Micro J customers who subscribe to Mpp.
  • Outlook SNAP Compatibility (Add-on program) Snap Instantly creates and manages Microsoft Outlook® Contacts from your PcHunter contact records and lists. Sold Separately $199.00 per license

Version 7.6

Version 7.6 was available via download only.

  • Maintenance Release
  • Users will not notice improvements to the database in 7.6.

Version 8.0

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  • Search Lists
  • Globally apply, or remove, datacodes to a list of records
  • New List Commands pull down menu.
  • Support for selecting multiple lines of a list.
  • Output to Excel button
  • Security preference to restrict users from sending to excel or a merge file
  • Remove duplicates from the list button
  • Generate people list of employees and contacts based on a company list.
  • New search list merge file fields, & quotes support
  • Letters and Attached Documents
  • New fields for letter templates
  • New date in the attached docs window
  • Number of attachments indicated on main window
  • New batch script Indexing Wizard
  • Utilities
  • Datacode change wizard
  • Activity Type change wizard
  • Activity Points
  • User defined points for activities
  • And “Points Earned” report
  • Security
  • Administrator access required to set security access
  • End user warning message display
  • Email
  • Personal & Company Wide Email Footer (Signature)
  • Support for SMTP server authentication
  • Email fields extended to 100 characters

Version 8.1

Version 8.1 was available via download only.

  • Maintenance Release

Version 8.2

Version 8.2 was available via download only.

  • Maintenance Release

Version 8.5

  • Job Posting
  • Direct posting of PcHunter or Tempus Fugit job orders to a corporate website (FTP Access is required for direct posting to work, or choose to post to a LAN location)
  • User customizable HTML templates, enable the end user to apply their own logo and style for maximum branding.
  • Over 15 fields supported for use in the template.
  • Option to export JO's to HTML for emailing or posting online
  • Activity keyword search
  • End users can perform a keyword search to find information contained inside the activities note field content pertinent to people, companies, or Job Orders.
  • The activity keyword search feature has Boolean operator support for and/or and begins with.
  • New Email Preferences for all Contact & Candidate records
  • Do Not Send email preference, when activated on a record no emails will be sent to the individual, even if they appear on an email broadcast list. The record is flagged to be skipped, no outgoing email will be sent and no email complete activity will be logged into history.
  • Set a person’s home or work email delivery default choice, and a new option in the email compose and email broadcast window allows you to select the usual work or home delivery setting and a new option for the recipient’s preference override.
  • Additional User Preferences:
  • Default Activity Type for emails and email broadcast. Emails that are sent will be entered in the recipient’s history under the specified default activity type with email content in activity notes and also appear in the history of linked records, such as to a client or job order.
  • When working in the list window the Send to Excel command now supports Open Office.
  • Terminal Server specific options and enhancements for a better thin client experience.
  • Support for Legacy dialer for users that don't want to use windows telephony.
  • Administrative Restrictions
  • Administrators can now set secure global settings for email and prevent end users from overriding them.
  • OneClick Link to Quickbooks (Tempus Fugit Only)
    Tempus Fugit customers who use Quickbooks® 2004 or higher with their Tempus Fugit 8.5 will be able to use the new feature from Micro J called “OneClick ™” Oneclick™ gives QuickBooks® users a new link to automatically send audited bill and pay data directly into Quickbooks® accounting software. The new integration for Quickbooks users is designed to make payroll and invoicing in-house a snap for staffing business owners who are already using the top selling financial software package from Intuit.

Version 8.6

Version 8.6 was available via download only.



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