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Keep it Simple!

Tempus Fugit provides an intuitive graphical user interface to both front and back office functions. For any system to be effective, your team has to be able to learn and use it quickly.

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  • Computerized Desktop
  • Keep Your Entire Team Working Together

Computerized Desktop

What could be simpler to understand than your desk? The entire program is designed with a simple point and click interface so you can get to work without learning a bunch of complicated commands.

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From your computerized desktop, you can dial the phone or take notes with the click of a button. Your paper work is always neatly filed in drawers that every recruiter will recognize instantly. The entire program is a mouse click away.


Your company drawer holds records of client companies, companies you recruit from and players in the industry.


Your people drawer stores both candidates and company contacts.

Job Orders

The Job Order drawer holds search assignments you are working on today or have filled in the past.


Finally, your activities drawer ties it all together by tracking everything you do with companies, people, and job orders.

Keep Your Entire Team Working Together

Tempus Fugit runs on a network so your entire team shares the same information. Since Tempus Fugit integrates front and back office functions, every member of the team uses the same system.

If you are a full-service firm that offers both permanent and staffing services, you can run the perm side of your business using the PcHunter Recruitment Management System and share your company data using the same datafile!

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