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Feature Overview

Contact Manager

Designed for recruiters, by recruiters. Keep thousands of resumes on file. Relational database - links job orders, activities, companies, managers and candidates all without duplicating data entry.

Search Tool

Build searches based on thousands of combinations of industries, occupations, locations, date entered, ZIP code, salary, skills and miscellaneous attributes. Integrated Key Word search engine for generating customized search queries of your resumes.

Fully Customizable Coding Schema

Create a custom-coding schema from the ground up, or build your own off our industry specific sample sets. Assign keywords to codes for automatic record creation and coding.

Practice Management Tools

Phone scripts, resume printing, form letters, envelope printing, fax cover sheets, notepad, mail merge and email broadcast.

Management Reports

Resumes & full profiles, reminders, activities, companies by status, people by status, job orders by status, phone log, search results, To Do List, and many more.

Network Capabilities

Single user or a complete networked office for a virtually unlimited number of users.

Activity History

Instant access to chronological history of activities, legal proof of dates & times, statistical information to measure productivity, setting goals enhances production, nothing falls through the cracks.

Scanning Capability

Resumes can be scanned & attached to people records with the touch of a button. RMS also allows for word search on each resume.


Automatically create and code candidate records from electronic resumes.

Document Management

Link an unlimited number of resumes and other documents directly to candidate records in the database.


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