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How soon could I be up and running?

Depending on your priorities and how fast you want to work, you can have full functionality in one to three weeks. Our techs and trainer are highly accessible. In most cases the software ships out as soon as we receive your order.

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If I buy the software today, what happens next?

As soon as we receive your order your account executive will put you in touch with a technical support representative, called an implementation specialist. The specialist will help you determine hardware details and installing the software. The specialist can also help set some of the defaults, datacodes, and activities that your new system will need in order to suit your way of doing business, any existing data we have for your industry will be provided for you to start with as a base. You will be given some literature about Datacode Design, along with the software's user manuals; you should look over the documentation. Within a few days of your purchase the trainer will contact you. The trainer will out line a couple of steps you should complete before the initial training, and the first training session will be scheduled (normally within seven days). By the time you complete your first training session you will be well on your way to successfully operating PcHunter.

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What is MPP?

MPP stands for Micro J Partnership Program and is a comprehensive support and maintenance contract. Micro J’s MPP Support Plan provides you with the technical expertise you need to keep your recruiting or staffing system running smoothly.

Click for information about MPP.

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Can I upload Jobs to my web site?

If you enter a Job Order or Search Assignment in PcHunter you can out put a profile report and use that as your web posting. Most of our customers currently post very brief descriptions on the web, aimed at eliciting qualified resumes. You can easily take full description or selectively take limited information from the Job Order profile report onto clipboard, and paste it into your online job listing.

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Can I bring in electronic resumes from email?

Absolutely. One by one or in a batch, AutoEntry is the name of the tool; ask your account exec to demonstrate how it works in a WebEx online meeting.

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Is PcHunter Web enabled?

Keep in mind that PcHunter is a licensed software application not an ASP. If you want it, you buy it, you own it, period. We don't rent access to you on shared server somewhere In recruiting where your database is your livelihood we feel this is an important distinction. Although PcHunter is not web-based, it is web enabled with links to your web browser and email programs. If you’re looking for a solution that allows remote access to your database, contact our support department for their recommendations.

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I'm not very technical. Is it difficult to set up?

1 (800) 995-5152 is all you need to know. Micro J has the best support department in the market today!

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Can I put stuff on my Palm?

Currently you can export any list to excel using the mail merge key, so in that sense you can compile a list of any contact information you want to port over to your PDA to take on the road. If you have a report you want to put on a PDA you could select to out put the report to" file" and then take that file and out put it to an Adobe Acrobat file, which can be read off the palm with acrobat reader (Assuming you have adobe software). There is a lot of untested possibility in the area of Palm portability. Currently there is no way to hot sync any completed activities from Palm back to PcHunter.

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Does PcHunter have reporting and business development features?

Of course. Report by "Status" for daily hot sheets, use of status field labels can help recruiters focus on different daily tasks like business development versus recruiting for orders. Reports can easily be drawn up such as, a Job Order based on activities so that an impatient hiring manager can be briefed on search progress in seconds.

Stock system reports are quickly compiled by activity, by user and/or by date for management to track business, or single out a recruiter's performance, for recruiters to track placements, for accounting to track expenses, what ever you want to report on can be done. Added custom reports can be created as per your specs, for a fee, and the system comes with access to the Ad Hoc Reporting feature for creating reports "Ad Hoc".

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How long has Micro J been in business?

Micro J Systems was originally founded in 1983 as an executive search firm. By 1986, the company’s own need for reduced response time and streamlined operations drove their decision to develop an easy to learn recruitment automation system. Over the next two years, Micro J became a software company. Since their commercial release in 1988, PcHunter, MacHunter and Tempus Fugit are now used by over 5,000 staffing professionals at over 1,000 firms worldwide.

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