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Micro J Names New Product "PlaceAceTM"

Pasadena, California (January 29, 2007), Micro J announces their new product offering will be released on the market under the new product name PlaceAceTM™.

The PlaceAceTM™ agency management software for recruiting and staffing professionals is currently scheduled to be available for sale in April of 2007. Micro J will be ready to deploy and implement the initial release version of the PlaceAceTM™ application for a select group of approved beta sites in March.

The trail of software evolution that brings us to the critical point of final release of the PlaceAceTM™ is marked by experience, industry growth, and applied best in class technology. The PlaceAceTM™ database solution for automated recruitment processes is anticipated to eclipse sales of Micro J’s PcHunter and Tempus software solutions in the first year of its release.

Micro J’s Marketing Manager, Michelle Bier expands on the pedigree of the new PlaceAceTM™ brand name: “PlaceAceTM is what our customers expect from us, so much of recruiting is about team effort, competitive advantage and expedient response. Accurate data is the key that makes it all possible. The PlaceAceTM™ name and image are decidedly fitting for a new recruiting database from Micro J, a long time industry leader. The name is matched by Micro J’s high level of internal ethics and a rich corporate culture that enables us to deliver a superior product and end user experience. Good sportsmanship is applied to the business of software sales at Micro J. Our sales staff is trained to educate prospects rather than merely sell. We feel this process makes happier customers who are well equipped to lead in their recruiting market once they implement our solutions.

For many years the Micro J product name has been the superlative choice in recruiting and staffing software. The new PlaceAceTM™ database aptly carries on that image. Micro J’s PlaceAceTM™ has the power to propel the recruitment process forward, making it easier for Micro J customers to come out ahead, and track detailed information in an easy to view relational data set that will keep the real players in each search organized right out of the blocks. From the top down Micro J executives and staff strive to deliver high quality products, with clear company policies and the goal of excellence in customer service and satisfaction always a number one priority. Micro J is perhaps the most ethical vendor in the market.”

Micro J’s longtime success as an industry leader creates stability and wins for our customers. Micro J has been a preeminent software vendor to the recruiting and staffing industry for over 20 years.


About Micro J Systems Inc.

Micro J Systems is the recognized leader in providing application software and information systems to the domestic and international staffing industry. Micro J was founded in 1983 as an executive search firm. The Information Systems division was created in 1986 to develop and market software specifically designed to automate the practices of staffing (Tempus Fugit) and recruiting (PcHunter) professionals. Micro J is a privately held company.

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